Hey guys,

Beware of parts stores misleading you.. I was told to buy some Dex-Cool for the Audi, and since I’m wary of errors with parts stores (Part of the Peugeot ownership experience) I decided to research if this was indeed true. Some hours later of talking to B5 2.8 owners and DIYers I found out that this isn’t the recommended coolant.. So I went to Crappy Tire and bought 3 jugs of 50/50 Premixed OEM brand VW/Audi/Porsche coolant (G12 equivalent according to most people I talked to). Mixing Dex-Cool with Ethylene Glycol based coolant could be disastrous... it will crystalize and gel your entire cooling system requiring costly repairs. Don’t do it!

Back to the headline topic... I put together all my receipts besides my laptop and I am going to share some personal financial information - I am broke and jobless since today. No regular income, just 4 cars. (I am omitting the fact that I bought 3x gallon jugs of coolant today, I will include that in a later report..)

Let’s get down to the juicy numbers, shall we? All prices in Canadian dollars.
My first purchase was when I visited the Wreckers near my house on the 13th, there I found some almost mint winter tires in a size that would fit my rims... the cost? $86.75 for all 4.

Second purchase was hours later when I went to my friend’s dad’s parts store (I get list prices there)... I spent $93.79 on the following items - Wiper blades ($16.56 for both), oil filter ($2.83), rear wheel bearing already packed and sealed ($21.23), 5 Liters of 5W40 Synthetic Euro-blend ($41.20). It all came up to $93.79 with taxes.


The day after I went back for some coolant, there they told me I needed Dex-Cool according to their manuals... 2x 1 Gallon jugs of Dexcool pure antifreeze ($36.00). This came up to $42.13 taxes in. I remembered I needed some spark plugs so I turned around and got some. NGK BKR6E normal spark plugs 6x ($17.52). Taxes in that was $19.80. In the end I walked out with $61.93 out of my Credit Card balance.

The day after I went to the Wreckers fully prepared for the bitter cold, as I detailed in my previous post. I got the spark plug wires and coil packs in mint condition for $51.35.

What does all this mean?
I have spent close to $300 ($293.82 to be precise) on an Audi A4 that still hasn’t been fixed or driven. Three hundred for a car that still hasn’t moved, that’s what I paid for the car!
So far it’s not even that bad... Just wait until I start driving it and problems arise!