Yes, I’m recycling this old picture. Sue me.

The Cougar was never an end game car for me. I basically buy cars to sell them at some point. I’m not a flipper (really, I’m not), I just like enjoying a wide variety of cars. I bought the Cougar as my first V8 project car. No, my project trucks don’t count, they were trucks, not cars.

So, my never ending indecision has crept up again. I’m getting perilously close to the point of diminishing returns if I plunk much more in the Cougar. It’s fun to drive as is, but to get it where I would really want is mo money. Nobody ever said this hobby was cheap. So, if I don’t want to further work on the Cougar, where would I go?

The market for run of the mill pony cars isn’t as strong as it could be, especially when I have a car that isn’t a Mustang. To many, that’s a draw. To many others with wallets, it’s not. What will the trend be for these cars, as I read comments and articles from mostly younger folks about how poor the driving experience is, how unsafe, etc?


At this point, it’s all hypothetical. I still have it, but as anything, it’s always for sale for the right offer. But it’s not lost on me that in person, the people that talk to me about the car are an increasingly older bunch. I was easily the youngest dude at the Cougar meet a couple of years ago. When I do find it’s time to move on, will what’s left of the 60s car market have passed me by?