I live in Indianapolis, home of the Stutz Motor Company. The old factory is about half a mile from my apartment. The building is now home to a few businesses and a bar.

I am a runner, so I pass by the building probably 5-6 days a week whilst running. Something caught my eye a few months ago, as there were a few large overhead garage doors with small windows in them on the south side of the building. I looked in as I was running past and saw an old (1920's) fire truck, a 1970's Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, an Auburn (which I had never heard of), and a white Lamborghini Countach LP5000 (like the one pictured above), and some other common modern cars.

The Countach was farther back and on a level a bit higher than the rest (you couldn't drive it from the street onto where it was placed). I had been meaning to get a picture for a while, but never had my phone with me. It is gone now, but the Rolls Royce and fire truck are still there. It would make my day to see it every other day, even though it was kind of far away and dimly lit inside. That Countach was the very first one I had ever seen in person, and you don't see cars that striking on a day-to-day basis. I know that it is an absolute bear to drive, but damn it looks good.

I saw a Gallardo the other day in the middle of downtown and it sounded excellent, but I think I would rather see the Countach that wasn't even moving.