“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

My buyback date is May 8th. After a HUGE pain in the butt trying to get them to deal with my paper work its finally coming to a close. Now the hard part - shopping for a new car. I hate car shopping


The problems -

  • Its my wifes car and she wants something bigger than her current car but she can’t decide if she wants 5 or 7 seats.
  • 5 seats means she can get an XC70 that she really wants (that are impossible to find in Utah, BTW)
  • 7 seats means she can take advantage of carpooling since my daughter goes to a school thats a 15 minute drive away with no busses.
  • Looking at 7 seat cars is a soul sucking exercise as it boils down to “mom cars” (her words) or cars with really crappy mileage

So I need your help. Can you help me think of good 7 seaters that are more or less reliable?

Looked at Gx470...but she thinks they are “frumpy” [they aren’t pretty thats for sure] and I might as well just get 100 series cruiser with the mileage they get. Great values though, I can get a low mile GX single owner for $16k. She did like the way they drove, and my buddy just bought one for his wife and she likes it. The main beef is the ugly and the 14 mpg city mileage. It would suck to have 2 cars that together can’t break 30 mpg combined.


I tried to get her to look at 3rd row rav4's (cause honestly, the rear row is for kids only and only occasionally) but she hates them.

No...she wont look at a flex so don’t ask.

She wont look at a Mazda 5 (too ugly)

Anything I missed with the requirements stated?

7 seats, somewhat interesting, reliable, in budget (15-25K), no older than 2005

Also, Any large 5 seaters I should point her towards? We aren’t really sedan people but I would be willing to look at this point. No Fords (nothing against their rep, we just can’t stand their interiors)


She doesn’t mind the 4th gen Legacy wagon ...but Im having a hard time seeing how its much bigger then her sportwagen (bench width is what she’s after)

A4 is kinda the same boat.

Camry is, sadly, an option but I think it would still be a tough sell on account of it being a camry.


The trouble is she has good taste but no sense of whats a good buy. i.e. she loves cool cars, but doesn’t know what it takes to keep them running.

Enjoy the final countdown in the best form I know exists

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