Let me give you a recent story as to why I’m saying this. I have a cousin who got one of those red light camera tickets. This happened in Riverside California (most cities of phased these out mind you). Now he ran the red light yes but only because of two things: 1. The red light camera photos he got in the mail with the ticket show him past the point of no return when the light was still yellow and in another photo show him in the intersection once the light was red. If he had stopped he would have been in the middle of the intersection. 2. He only took the chance and going when the light was yellow because he was trying to get home to his wife who was very sick at the time and needed to get to the ER.

So in the mail with the ticket and photos is an appearance date for the courts. So he takes off work on that date thinking hes going to see the judge. Wrong. On that day, the date on the ticket is to see a clerk at a window. He was there less than 10 minutes after waiting for his number to be called for over an hour. He missed a whole day of work without pay to go to a window and have a lady give him a paper with a website on it to schedule a court date. He was pissed.

So he schedules the court date. He still has to miss work without pay but he only takes half a day off this time. He gets to the court. He has proof that he took his wife to the ER in the form of discharge papers that the hospital gave them. He was told these would be enough to dismiss the case. At the appearance before the judge though, hes told that not only can he not present the papers that dismiss the case but that the reason he cant is because the judge doesn’t hear or see evidence at this appearance. He has to plead not guilty and schedule a trial date back at the same clerk window he went to the first time. On top of that, while the paper he has will dismiss the case, he has to pay a $35.00 “administrative” fee. What the hell does that mean?

Basically while he has proof he’s not guilty they are still going to get some money out of him even though he has proof of innocent intent. I swear I saw both of his eyes twitch in anger.


Reluctantly he got a new court date for a trial that lasted 10 minutes and paid a bs fee on a $450.00 ticket. This wasn’t even the worst I heard of the small offenses in the courtroom. Dozens of people were given the run around for waste of time things like not following a cone pattern of having windows that are too darkly tinted. This all showed me how bogus and inefficient the judicial system is for a minor offense.