5 out of the 8 cars my family owns are currently at the house so I decided to take a picture of all of them.

First off we have the 1999 BMW 318ti:

The lovable, funky, yet frequently unloved trunk impaired 318. Our track/autocross car.

Next we have the 2005 MINI Cooper S:

The extremely fun yet respectful runaround. A Golf GTI for people who like to party. My DD.


Next we have the 2000 BMW 528i:

The autobahn stormer. The road trip machine/my dadā€™s DD


Next is the 1968 Mustang:

Locked inside. No crowd hunting for this pony. The ā€œinvestmentā€


Finally we have the 1982 BMW 633 CSi:

New kid on the block, not currently running. The project car.


Not pictured are the 2003 X5 and 2005 X3 on DD duty for my mom and sister, and the 1970 BMW 1600-2 which was the first car my dad ever bought, way back in 1985.