Is anyone else watching these idiots spend millions of dollars to find wood and the occasional piece of lead.

Illustration for article titled The Curse of Oak Island

I can’t stop watching. I bet they find some wood tonight. They’re always finding wood or lead. Two of the least exciting things for any treasure hunter to find.

And!!! What’s up with the Bobby Dazzler guy. You couldn’t metal detect that whole island in this many years? Isn’t it like season 7 or some shit. He gets so hard with a top pocket find that it takes him a couple weeks to walk off the boner.


Captain Kirk is making an appearance tonight. Wtf!?!? I don’t remember Shatner ever getting a bone over some wood on Star trek.

Anyway, I can’t stop watching this silly show. I believe there isn’t anything buried there anymore. It seems like what was put in the ground was retrieved by whoever put it there and they destroyed the way in on their way out.


If you have a conspiracy theory like me. Please share. 

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