I know some oppos were interested in the status of the custom Banjo my dad-in-law and I are making. Everything is done except the resonator isn’t attached yet. Despite this, it plays really nice, and has a beautiful sound/timbre to it.

A full pic.

We’ve been making it from parts ordered online; like the pot, neck, tailpiece, etc. it’s not perfect, but it has a nice ‘homemade’ feel which really appeals to me. Plus it’s been really fun building it with my father-in-law, not to mention it’s been a learning experience for me in the world of luthiers.

The neck is super fancy. It was made in a country nearby Vietnam, or something like that. I love the inlays.


You can’t see it, but for the drone string (the tuning machine that’s halfway down the neck), there are hobby railroad spokes in the fretboard. Why? Homemade style capo for that string. Since you only strum the drone string in open, a capo is needed to change keys.

The ornate arm guard. I chose it simply because it looks fancy, and dad already had it lying around. It fit with the unique theme I had going already.


The pot of the banjo. Also, the bridge (what’s on the white drum head), is graphite, not wood. Trying something different.


No resonator so far, just an open-back Banjo. It has a great sound, really rich in the quality. I’m eagerly awaiting to take the banjo home now, :).