I hope the liftgate latch issue is resolved. And I hope our purchased extended warranty covers it.

As of now, when we press the liftgate’s button, the gate unlatches with a hard “thud” rather than the soft “click” it used to. And, we have to slam it with all of our might (not an easy task for my 5 months pregnant wife) to get it to fully close and the car to realize it’s closed (i.e. to turn off the cargo area light and the “door open” light in the gauge cluster).

Best I can see, the latch that moves back and forth isn’t engaging and disengaging all the way. It moves 3/4 of the way down, pauses, and then moves the rest of the way. Or, it just stays at 3/4 of the way. I suppose its little motor is wearing out. A minor but very odd issue for a four-year-old vehicle with 39,000 miles.


Either way, we need it fixed ASAP because a crossover without a functioning liftgate is just a tall, annoying car.

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