I had posted about our Mazda CX-5's radio having a weird interference noise and then becoming normal again.

Well, I drove it to the grocery today (first time it’s been driven since Friday afternoon) and the problem is back and worse than ever. This time, I took a couple of videos.

And yes, one video is in portrait mode. If you need a landscape view of a CX-5 dashboard, Google has some. :-)

A little backstory:

In August, the garage door attacked the car. The result was the antenna being scratched up and feeling a bit loose to me, but radio reception and sound quality were seemingly unaffected. My mechanic friend took the headliner down to access the bolt that holds the antenna and re-tightened it for me. And, all was well. Until this silly interference sound reared its ugly head last week. Any ideas?

I guess the most confusing part of all of this is that the issue seemingly appeared while the car was garaged and not driven for several days straight while my wife and I were at the hospital with our newborn son. My car was the one mostly driven to and from the hospital and left there overnight. I think I drove the CX-5 once and it stayed in the hospital’s parking lot for one night. I didn’t notice this issue when I drove it back home, though.


Any advice is appreciated. FM radio is our only option here unless we want to stream music from our phones constantly, which we don’t. Plus, there are a few afternoon and evening radio shows locally that my wife enjoys.