I’ll be honest, at first, I thought it was hideous. It’s still kind of hideous, in a way, but Musk basically hinted at this sort of design when he mentioned that he was after a Blade Runner-esque truck for the present audience.

Given that Musk really wanted to go for a Blade Runner/Total Recall aesthetic, I can’t fault the truck’s design. It’s exactly what would be in those sort of movies. Even better, could you imagine that this would be the sort of “truck of the future” that “futurists” would come up with in the 1970s and 80s?


As a cyberpunk fan, I think this sort of “retro-futuristic” styling is a refreshing break from the modern ideal of curves all over the place. It’s different for the sake of being different. Being that we’re overrun with all manner of swoopy crossovers, an aggressively angular truck seems a step in the right direction. Who knows, maybe this will signal a new direction for Tesla’s more mainstream offerings? A cyberpunk Model S or Model X, perhaps?

Sure, it’s polarizing and probably won’t find too many fans in the modern pickup truck audience, but I applaud Tesla for trying something different. It’s certainly better than droves upon droves of anonymous crossovers drowning the automotive market.

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