oppo, I’m slightly drunk... New house is finally moved into, sheep are here, birds are here, tools are here, most of the tractors are here...

so here’s the conundrum: We have sheeps, we have tractors, we have field equipment. We also have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma V6 4x4 and a 2014 Fiesta ST.

we can put some sheep in the back of the Tacoma ( with cap ) but its pitiful tow rating means we can only move the lightest of our equipment with it.


mrs. Boost Addict (we’re not actually married but its convenient to refer to her thusly) drives the Taco as her daily and does not enjoy a manual transmission (so she never drives the FieSTa unless she absolutely has to).

The Taco has many miles and is accumulating rust at a rapid clip...

we need a better hauler, and the Mrs. Needs a pleasant, reliable, efficient-ish (the Taco is NOT very efficient, so the bar is low) daily vehicle. Ideally both birds would be killed with the same stone... How crazy, on a scale of one to fucking nuts, would I be to suggest/push for a used Porsche Cayenne? The just-shy of 8000lb tow rating makes it a meaningful improvement, and we have been meaning to buy a stock trailer for ages so that we no longer have to throw sheep UP into the back of the pickup.


Talk me down/over the edge Oppo...

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