While Aston Martin is no stranger to good-looking cars, sometimes they manage to put all the right ingredients together to make something truly special. Think of cars like the DBS V12 from ten years ago, the DB7 GT before it, or the Oscar India Vantage before then. While the regular DB11 is a beautiful car in its own right, the new DB11 AMR adds the right stuff and makes it perfect.

Something about the black wheels and the green accenting just makes this design pop. It goes from being just beautiful to being sinister and sexy, which is what I like in an Aston Martin. It reminds me of the aforementioned DBS and the Vanquish S, two of my favorite Astons of all time.


While I may not be an Aston Martin customer (or anywhere near it), if I was, I think this would be the one I’d get.