The DC area job search continues

I had an interview on Monday at a job in the DC suburbs that had expressed a bunch of interest in me up to that point. During the interview, I had multiple, “uuuhhhhh I dunno if I like this” moments. Today I found out I didn’t get the job. I’m ok with this.

If I’m being honest with myself, I was more excited about the pay and location than anything to do with the job. Generally the jobs I’ve enjoyed have been in-house recruiting for places that are in some way cool or tech-ish or make an interesting product.


This job was for an accounting and consulting firm. Even though I would’ve been a lead recruiter/recruiting manager, I’d have a dinky little half cube in a little nook in an open-plan office where the recruiting team sits, and I’d have to track my time by the task as if I were an accountant. I almost broke out in hives when they told me about this.

After the interview, I basically was thinking of the job as a good vehicle to get out to the DC area where my family lives, but in the few days since then where I didn’t hear anything from the company, I had time to think about it and I kept finding reasons why I would’ve been unhappy working there.

I’m a hippie who will happily swim in corporate waters to pay the bills (and buy non-hippie material possessions), but this place was too stuffy and square and populated by Chads and Beckys for me. The guy who would be my boss was far too much of a golf aficionado. Not in the midwestern, “I like to drink beer outside and golf lets me do that” kind of way, but in the snobby east coast “I like this Chads-only activity” kind of way.


So, it’s a little disappointing that I’ll have to keep applying and interviewing, but on the other hand, I’d rather find the right fit. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given what type of company it was and the city it’s in.

At least I got a really good visit in with my family. They sometimes can be difficult but this was actually one of the best interactions I’ve had with them in a long time, so that was nice. Kinda makes me feel like moving closer to them is the right move.


I have a phone interview on Tuesday for something that at least so far seems a lot more my speed. We shall see!

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