After extracting 4 stripped bolts, rewiring the circuit board, resoldering a pad, re-downloading 20 gigs of song packs, and generally making a huge mess, the software and hardware are both working. Still some work to be done software side (and cleaning up) but I am excited to say that DDR is back up and running!

I should point out I’ve owned the right pad since 2001 and have rebuilt it about 10 times over that time period. It is on its third control board and has recieved donor parts from its former mate, who was replaced by the RedOctane pad I won back in the day. (Yes, I was and am a huge nerd.)

Not pretty, but functional.

The new circuit board is from a donor soft pad. Unfortunately rather than having ports for the buttons it had weird carbon traces that the “circuit board” inside the soft pad taped onto. I tired wire glue in the past and it worked for a while, but ultimately failed. This time I’m using #2 screws and nuts for a hopefully more permanent fix.


Still having some full screen issues that I can’t quite work out. When StepMania 3.9 is in full screen mode about 25% of the screen is clipped off the edges. What is weird is it wasn’t doing this initially, but now it is. The problem is either with the software, the TV, or the computer’s graphics card... But I am not sure which.

[UPDATE] Ugh of course it was UI scaling in windows. Fixed with compatibility mode. Why do I never remember that is a thing?


Bonus I didn’t have to teach Dog B not to jump on me while I’m playing! (The pads have been broken since before he was born...)

Bonus picture of all the mud that came off the Land Rover, since this is a car website after all!