The dealer found out (supposedly) whats wrong with my Sonic, but at a price..

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Yes my car has a lot of miles and things going wrong are to be expected now, but its still starting to be coming a headache. My local Chevy dealer said that they believe the reason its not starting is because of the Engine Control Module. This is the conclusion they came to after having the car for 3 days. There is also a recall on the car for a damaged catalytic converter. Here’s where I think they are bull though ( but I could be wrong): they told me that in order for them to fix the recall, I have to fix the ECM first. Price? $786. Almost $800 for a part that can be found for less than $100 on the internet. Pretty much all labor costs. Me fixing the ECM so the recall can be fixed seems like they are trying to recoup the costs of them having to fix the recall for free. That would also imply that the ECM is the cause for the catalytic converter going bad, which would mean that GM would have to pay me back the costs of the repair for the ECM. SO I went to go get my car because with me going to trade it soon that’s more than I want to put into the car and its parked while I drive the Mustang. I could be wrong though about the ECM and everything. Any suggestions?


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