Back in May I went to the dealer for a brake fluid flush. I know others might be able to do it cheaper, but the idea of Ford doing it gave me some small measure of confidence that they should do it correctly. At least that was my thought.

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I missed autocross that month, so didn’t push the brakes all too hard in normal driving, but with two AX dates in June I noticed after my first one that the front brakes had brake fluid coming down the outside of the calipers. It isn’t a lot, but any loss from the bleeders is too much, and a sign that something isn’t right. Unfortunately I was starting a training class at the time, so it took me some time to get back in to have them look at it.

The car went in this morning.


Last night at my lunch break I went to take the car out and the back up camera was “unavailable”. It was still not working this morning when I left work, and still not working when I went to the dealer, so I asked them to look at it. “We can get it in right now for the brake issue, but it will take a few days for our warranty tech to look at the camera issue.”

Since it’s my daily driver (and only car) I told them that the only way they could keep it was to give me a loaner.

So now this is in my driveway:

Illustration for article titled The Dealer has my car.

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