I drove out to Johnson Creek - an hour round-trip from the office - and texted the guy just to have him tell me he already sold the Miata. The dude knew I was driving out special to see the car, and doesn't have the Goddamn common courtesy to text me when it sold. When I call him out on this I naturally get no response.

Why do so many people lack the ability to give any shits at all about someone else nowadays?

So, scratch the Miata. Dad's got access to dealer-level used car auctions through his job at the body shop, and at the Portage auction tomorrow is a silver '00 Cavalier 2.2L 5-speed sedan. I don't know the mileage (you can only look at inventory at this auction with your dealer info), but it's in good shape and should go for an estimated $850 plus fees. With the 2.2L pushrod motor and a 5-speed, that car will easily go to 300k without driveline issues. Whether the body can survive Wisconsin, is another story.