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The death of fair deals on older desirable cars

Is it just me, or does any site that focuses on selling or finding ads for quirky, old or enthusiast favorite cars ends up growing into a site where you can no longer find these cars for a fair price?

If anything, the sites end up contributing to increasing the market price of said cars and inflating bubbles, like we have with older Porsches and BMWs now.


Case in point: Bring a Trailer, Barn Finds, Classic Car Virus and so on....

Sure, as these cars get older, they may appreciate in value. And there’s no way of knowing how much they would have appreciated if sites like BaT did not exist, or weren’t popular.


What I am wondering is how, if at all, can this be remedied? Is there a way we can see to it that people don’t start paying $30k for clean Roadmasters next?

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