This post is updated as the debate happens.

The conclusion of the debate:

Moderators“Where the fuck are you getting the money for your programs if you’re not raising taxes on the rich?”
Meade: “My proposals are almost revenue neutral”
Anaya: “Bureocracy!”
Obrador: “CORRUPTION!”
Rodriguez: “I’ll fire these assholes!”

-On taxes and economics:
Anaya, Obrador do not want to raise taxes.
Anaya wants to remove taxes to those earning under 10,000MXN/month
Anaya defends he’s not a crook
Obrador would like to keep gas as low as Guatemala
Obrador is “not worried” about the cancelation of NAFTA
Meade says that their formulas would lead to more poverty
Meade wants to increase assistance to working mothers; biggest program wouldn’t cause a deficit
Meade, in the segment about economics, is the first to show a hard number.
Meade wants to include non-workers-women into the social security apparatus.
Rodriguez lies to the moderator about one of his primary proposals to eliminate the minimum salary.
Moderator explains to Rodriguez that something he said “is not constitutional”
Obrador comes out againts globalism, gets refuted by Meade
Anaya uses American statistic for Mexico (WRONG)
Rodriguez wants to increase taxes on the rich, lower on the poor through (revenue sharing) a tax where employers must share 10% of revenue to their employees.
All three primary candidates come againts higher gasoline prices.
Obrador lies about Anaya’s vote history.

-On poverty and social aid:

Meade wants to increase education/ says the primary cure to poverty is employment
Anaya explains UBI; says that rather than giving social aid through various government policies and join it up together in a single UBI. Says Social aid is used as a political tool
Obrador comes directly againts income inequality and says it comes thanks to corruption. Doubles down on saying the cost of corruption (which causes a loss of around 10% of our GDP) could cover up all of his very expensive programs.
Meade focuses heavily on education and finishing highschool.
Obrador wastes time to show off poll results
Anaya shows off supposed proof Obrador promoted anticompetitive behavior in Mexico City
Obrador: “I am not a crook, at least not like you!”


Rodriguez goes againts women in the workplace
Meade and Obrador reiterate new taxes are not needed.
Anaya accuse Obdarod of corruption for 10 million dollars during his tenure, says there’s proof.


Rodriguez says teachers need to have more power, accuses Obrador of being part of the teacher’s sindicate group (CNTE). Says teachers need to get rid of that union and should have better salaries. He also says the Education Reform needs to be revised so that teachers in pooer areas advance at a different pace “Baja California is not like Oaxaca”

Anaya defends the Educational Reform, but says the reform needs to be implemented better. By focusing more on increasing training and changing the focus of the student evaluation.

Obrador is againts the education reform. The one that prohibits the sale of education posts. He also says that the reform is “Neoliberal”, with a focus on privatization and “Why should those western powers tell us how to become better?”
Obrador is in favour of evaluating teachers, but with another focus.
He lies about teachers accepting the evaluation.
“He will cancel the education of your children...Please keep him away from education” says Meade about Obrador.
Obrador says the reform is “a control tool by the IMF”

Obrador accuses the Secretary of Education of selling education posts?

Meade: I want autonomous school budgets and wants to increase school campuses by four.
Meade wants to increase the “flexibility” of highschool education.
Meade wants K-12 full time schools.
Anaya: I want all Mexican children (with help from Mexican-Americans living IN THE US) to have the chance to learn English
Meade says that Obrador’s university (UACM) is the least efficient public school in Mexico)

Technology and sciences:
Obrador: Law is not respected regarding technology and science investment.
Meade: We need to stop Brain Drain, and bring back Mexican talent that left the country due to lack of opportunities.
Meade: I want everyone to be identified using biometrics
*Anaya pulls out a phone without a battery*
Anaya: I want everyone to have a smartphone.
Rodriguez: I want to increase investment on science and technology from 0.5% of the GDP to 1.2%
Obrador: reveals new director of the science commission, and the Health Secretary.
Meade: Before talking about science and tech, lets focus on k-12.
Meade: “Not everything is increasing expenditure”
Anaya: I want to increase LTE network coverage, Hospitals, schools, government buildings, and parks should have wifi. Was originally asked about Net Neutrality, deflected and did not answer.
Obrador: (Asked about brain drain), I want more scholarships.
Meade: Obrador is laundering money using funds for the victims of the earthquake.
*Anaya accusses Obrador of pardoning Peña Nieto, and Elba Esther Gordillo*
*Meade accuses Anaya of money laundering*

Moderator: Public health is a great equalizer; twenty million Mexicans have no access, and public healthcare is divided across three institutions

Meade: I want better public hospitals, and I want all hospitals regardless of the owner (IMSS, ISSTE, SP). We need to make the system more efficient. I want to make a watchdog to make sure hospitals are efficient.
*Meade shows off what Nieto and him did in IMSS to increase efficiency*
Meade wants everyone to pay into healthcare
Meade accuses Obrador of wanting to get rid of Seguro Popular: the healthcare for the poor.

Anaya: “I AM NOT A CROOK, You’re a crook, Meade”
Anaya: “I will lock you up!”
Anaya: I want an electronic medical history so that hospitals are truly universal
Anaya: Prevention is very important as Mexico begins to see a hike in chronic disease.
Anaya: I want to merge all public healthcare into a single one.
Meade: I am not part of that scandal you say, Anaya. But Obrador is, and so is his candidate for transport secretary
Rodriguez: Healthcare needs to be universal, but not in law?
Rodriguez: I want to centralize the government.
*moderator asks Rodriguez about cutting hands*
Rodriguez: we can’t talk about drug abuse if we don’t know who’s consuming it. Wants to make national drug addict registry.

Moderator: Come on, Obrador, how are you paying for all of this, don’t tell me corruption because it is not enough
Obrador *deflects*: We need to save up. Proposes universal healthcare for everyone that walks in by reducing corruption. Says he’s againts the Seguro Popular but wont get rid of it. Obrador does not want to increase taxes againts the request of his own health secretary. Accuses of huge overspending

Rodriguez: Private hospitals need to accept everyone.

Meade: You don’t know how to count to five, obrador.

Anaya: Program focused directly on diabetes.

Obrador: Says he will pay public healthcare by selling a few planes.

Obrador and Anaya fight about being friends with Peña Nieto


Obrador: I’LL LOCK YOU UP!

Climate change.