Sensible RamblinRover: Hey, pedal car kits are quite cheap, and you can get one for your niece and paint it however you want.

RamblinRover’s internal Tim Taylor: Not just paint, right?

SRR: I don’t follow.

RRITT: With all the money saved it would be crazy not to wire lights and a working horn.


SRR: Oh.

RRITT: It needs to have a dashboard switch with an indicator light. And the horn needs to be a full-size automotive low-tone. Also, we’re going to electroplate the grill and the bumpers.


RamblinRover’s wallet: I need an adult


RRITT: The rear lights will be round insets and the rest of the rear lights will be chromed with reflective red tape.


SRR: Well, I suppose that would be alright.

RRITT: And we’re doing the body in Metalcast purple over Metalcast basecoat








RamblinRover’s Questionable Good Taste:








RamblinRover’s Sense of Restraint:

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