Yesterday morning was snowy in parts of the northeast, it was warm so it was pretty slushy and grip was decent but enough slip to make it fun. What a perfect day to take your rally inspired vehicle out for a spin.

As I was cruising along enjoying my own ride I suddenly found myself coming up fast on a slow moving blue sedan. Thinking it a Camry I slowed to a crawl behind it when I noticed a badge I had not expected, the mark of the monster energy drink, the sign of the flat brimmed hat and the symbol of rally dominance from 1993 onwards was right there in front of me, barely crawling along.


Now don’t get me wrong, I still think the WRX is a very capable car, I just couldn’t help but ponder the fact that subaru has pumped enough of these out with enough brand recognition that they’re no longer exclusively in the hands of hoons and it makes me for one a bit sad