Poor Carl, he just wants go off roading in his new Jeep with his family.

Context. The Jeep Patriot was Jeeps initial attempt at the small offroader that could actually go off road and with the Freedom Drive II package it was and is pretty similar to the Renegade in terms of crawl ratio, clearance and traction. History will show that people who bought a patriot, even toughened up FDII models aren’t seen as the same kinds of people that buy wranglers for example but nevermind that, Carl’s got the family in the Jeep and its go time!


We join Carl and his family as he takes his new Jeep out to the OHV park to introducet them to the wonderful world of offroading he’s just enrolled in; Sweeping vistas, remote destinations, crisp mountain air! Its all in your hands now Carl. Now, I have a small family and I can tell you that, with a few exceptions, the dad is WAY more into this idea than the the rest of this family...

“But if I could just show them...they’d understand!”

Sadly it all comes crashing down for Carl about a minute in when on two wheels on a steep hill clawing for grip in his I4 Freedom machine...nothing. This isn’t what it was supposed to be like?!

“Carl...You’re not going anywhere.”

“I’m not...”

A sad and dejected Carl confirms. No Carl, you’re not.


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