Everyone has seen the infamous video of when a mass ride collides with a Range Rover. When I first watched it, my heart was pumping, I was on the side of the bikers. Riding a motorcycle in the city is amazingly fun at times, and at others, terrifying, especially on the post-apocalyptic streets of Cambridge and Boston. So in a way I can see how the bikers in the video could have reacted as they did. But why were they driving like asshats in the first place? When you swing your leg over your bike, you accept that it is a dangerous thing, a potentially lethal thing. If you feel invincible, fate will gladly slap you back to the pavement. I can't in good conscious say either party got what they deserved, but I can full heartedly believe that it could have been avoided.

The big problem I have with this whole thing, is that it puts out a piss poor image of who rides motorcycles. This past sunday I participated in The Gentleman's Ride, a ride that happens simultaniously across the globe for one day. The object is to ride responsibly, and dress in your finest threads, to be as dapper as one possibly can. The other, more important object is to raise money for Prostate Cancer research, and so far we have raised nearly $269,000 across the globe. It was an amazing day, and it felt great to be a part of a debonair group of riders, riding everything from a massive Harley, to a Yamaha R1, to a tiny vintage Honda 175 scrambler. It was about loving bikes, and showing the unsuspecting citizens of Boston, how much safe fun you can have on the two wheel terrors that usually garner stares and glares, but on sunday, brought on smiles and thumbs up. Even the Ducktours refrained from quacking at us and instead stared in awe. Well maybe not awe, but something close.

I wanted to share a bunch of the photos I took, to inform everyone in the OppositeLock community that two wheels good, not bad. Also if you'd like to donate, check this out, I've met my goal, so I have not grandiose ideas about being on the top of the donations, just glad that its going to a good cause.

Enjoy!! -Justin



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