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The Dodge Challengers seat belts are proof that we almost got a convertible version

Let’s be honest: it would be nice to have a convertible that actually had room for the family. But right now the only options for something like that would be to spend big money and go for something like an S Class convertible or even higher than that with a Rolls Royce or something. There aren’t any sedan based convertibles anymore and it sucks. Cars like the Chrysler Sebring, Toyota Solara were sedan based. And while boring they at least offered convertible fun at prices most people could afford because they were sedan based. The Challenger would have been the perfect convertible. But it never came

Out of the 3 American muscle cars, the Challenger is the only one who never saw a convertible version. The Mustangs backseat is so small that when my son is in the back of mine, the passenger seat has to go so far forward that its almost dangerous, and the Camaro’s backseat is even smaller and makes you wonder what’s the point?


A Challenger convertible was rumored about for years, almost since the cars inception. But it never came about. Allpar, pretty much the go to for information regarding anything FCA related, along with various forum post research shows that Dodge did indeed make Challenger convertible mules through an aftermarket company called Drop Top Customs. Apparently FCA engineers work with outside custom companies to do prototype work for them and they partnered on these convertible mules. They built some although I couldn’t find how many were built.Apparently this engineering was done back in ‘08 and its evidenced by the unusual placement of the front seat belts. Its unusual in that, unlike most hard top cars, the seat belt isn’t built into the B pillar, but protruding from around the head rests. Something you would see in a convertible. And they just kept it.

This is an actual Challenger Scat Pack that was sold on this site Volocars.com. The Conversion cost $18k

Sadly though the Challenger convertible didn’t come to fruition for one simple reason: muscle. The chassis being weakened because the lack of a roof couldn’t hold up to the power of the engines Dodge wanted. So instead of simple giving us base V6 and standard Hemi power, they just felt they’d do without. Also the high costs that would have come with it as well as weight were big factors. Reportedly it was heavy with a manual top and even heavier with a power folding top. All the mules were ultimately scrapped sometime in ‘09 due to not having VIN #s. You can always go it yourself to get a convertible conversion. But with the amount of money these aftermarket companies charge, if you were wanting a convertible Hellcat for example, you’d be driving around in a 6 figure muscle car with the price of the car + the conversation.


Supposedly a Challenger convertible is coming when the next gen LX cars debut sometime this century. Hopefully it retains its room of being pretty much a 2 door Charger/300. It’ll make the perfect convertible.

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