How many times are they going to heavily refresh this car? It's ridden on the same basic platform since, what, 2006? Don't get me wrong, it's a great looking car and it's been much improved over the years, but it's just getting a little long in tooth for my tastes. Not as bad as an Impala Limited but with this newest refresh I fear we may be close.

Look! I now have all these LED's! That must mean I am one of the cool kids now! Seriously, it's a great looking front end. Dodge says they had left no panel untouched, however, I am not all that convinced.

Same basic profile. I know it's just a refresh and the hard points are not usually touched, but it just looks old already to me. Maybe if the Interior had been more significantly upgraded I would be satisfied? The way I am bitching this morning though, that seems unlikely.

This rear looks oddly more bloated to me. Glad they kept the racetrack tails though. Those are the bees knees. Maybe it drives significantly better than before too?


I'm just not that impressed. It's probably just me.

Or it has something to do with how I feel like crap today. Something isn't right with my heart rhythm again and I think the lack of oxygen to my head is becoming a problem.


What say you?