The Dodge Interceptor M4S Turbo Wraith Fieropar

Genuine Chrysle concept car. Based on a race fiero chassis, with some 2.2 magic since that's what they have to work with.

Nice, but wait, there's more!

Now get on your 80's music earmuffs.

Now, the rest of the story. The original is safely at the museum, but..

They made 6 copies for the film, with limited use of the real one in key scenes. The motor is not what is depicted. Most of them were not much more than dune buggies with vw motors and a shell.


However, when the movie was done, there were some leftovers.

Through a couple of owners, it's been upgraded to nearly what Chrysler built. Without all that engineering stuff. It was a concept car, anyway, but a beaut.

Somehow he's managed to talk Chrysler out of one of the spare motors from the original. Also, I think it's for sale.


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