Here, have a flat-black Citroen SM for your time and troubles.

My wife is usually super-supported of my automotive stupidity. However, with my push for a 2nd car now that we’re in Belgium things have changed somewhat.

I’ve posted gobs before — I have a simple mission. I want a car I can daily-drive the 7km commute to work and then not be embarrassed about taking out for a lap around Spa or Brands Hatch or Sarthe or whatever. A car older than 1989 helps with Belgian taxes, which can sometimes exceed the value of the car.


With kids I need four seats. And cheap wins out, too. So a Porsche 944 or 924 or similar wins out. But for some reason my wife does not appreciate the Porsche 944.

I then figured we could go vintage hot-hatch. 1st generation VW GTIs are “stupid” expensive. And the Peugeot 205 GTI doesn’t float her boat, either.


Then let’s venture into GT cars. I found Peugeot 504s that need work. For the uninitiated, here is what a 504 Coupe looks like:


The 504s I found need a little too much TLC, and frankly would be a little slow around a track or for a weekend fun hill climb.

I think I have her sold on a Jag XJS. Fast, comfortable, V12, future-classic. I can eternally wrench on it, and can also swap in an manual transmission as an expensive/fun project. The entry cost is pretty low for ones that need TLC (2000 Euros.) We shall see what we shall see. I’ve never been this frustrated with a domestic vehicle situation. Which if this is the worst thing going on in our marriage, we have little to complain about.