*sigh* New fridge is acting up. Fridge part cools just fine(~34deg F), but the freezer portion never gets consistantly below ~36-40F and seems to actually want to be higher than that.
Compressor turns on and off. There doesn’t seem to be a cooling fan like modern fridges. The coils in the back of the fridge section get cold enough for frost to form on the lower half, the freezer doesn seem to get frost forming on the walls & ceiling. Monday night there was some frost on the freezer floor, but that didn’t stay long. There are some water drips on the freezer floor but they stay liquid and don’t freeze.
I’m actually ok with the freezer not freezing(I was planning to get a small chest freezer), so long as that is a consistant state, and not a sign the fridge has bigger problems or is on the verge of failing. But I have not been able to determine that either way.