Bryon Fitzpatrick is an awesome dude. He was chair of the transportation design program for the second half of my time at CCS, and I only really got to talk to him during my last year there, and most of that time consisted of elevator rides (we lived in the same building).

I don’t know whether he ever did drawing demos at CCS, but here’s some proof that he can practice what he preaches.


That should give a little sense of scale.

In addition to CCS, he taught at Art Center (both the Switzerland and Pasadena campuses) and RISD in the States, and three Australian design schools. He founded a design consultancy and still does consulting work, worked for Ford in England and Germany, and designed motorcycles at Ogle in the UK (Triumph and BSA).


Always liked him, and enjoyed his sense of humor. So here’s a little post about a car designer you’ve probably never heard of, who’s influenced a couple generations of young designers.