For me, I like a ton of weird cars. And to help me with this imaginary hopeful future world decision, my friend shares similar tastes in cars with me. And thinking of all the price ranges, the most difficult one that we have is the $122,000 range.

Aston Martin: V8 Vantage
Audi: R8, RS7, A8L
BMW: Neither of us are large fans of it, but it's 750Li.
Porsche: 911 Targa, Panamera GTS
Mercedes: E63 Wagon, S550 Sport
Lexus: LS600hL

Er. TL;DR, we like large powerful saloon cars, but at this price range, supercars start factoring in, and it's just the most difficult decision we spend trying to reason with in our free time arguing for a different car every time.

And then there's like 50 Miata argument. :O

Any thoughts?