The other day I talked to some friends about dream cars and what cars we'd stack our garages with, if we had the proper change. While most of my pals went down the usual route of Ferraris, Porsches, Zondas etc. I realized that cars I really lust for, that I am passionate about aren't necessarily the ones with most cylinders or hp. Therefor I'd like to start a thread on the "Dream Garage of Unassuming Cars", that is cars that only enthusiasts would be able to identify as something special.

I'll start:

Opel Speedster

Truly underrated car. It's basically a Lotus and it's fun, fun, fun to drive and doesn't look that badly.

BMW E21 323i


Looks like a miniature E24 handles better than a 2002. Yes I said it. Crucify me.

Mercedes-Benz R170 SLK32 AMG


I already featured the SLK in a used car face-off

Maserati Quattroporte I & IV


I know, I know. Maseratis aren't exactly unassuming but I bet that the Quattroporte I isn't on too many people's dream car list. Also, it is Marcello Mastroianni in car form.

I love the understated looks of it.

Volkswagen Golf II Rallye


What's not to love about this car?

Land Rover Defender Convertible (... ok, ANY Defender)


Because manly.

BMW E61 (Not necessarily M5)


The E61 is still a god damn good looking car and I'd take it any day as a 535d or M5.

There are obviously a couple of others like Z3 (+Coupe) but those above are the most prevalent ones. What are your's?