I have posted both of my Tercels up for sale. This is something I've been putting off for a long time.


My plans for the blue one were poorly thought out and I've paid a small fortune for that... I was damn near approaching the "well I've already spent X, I HAVE to make this worth it," horizon. I'm cutting my losses plain and simple. I turned an as-is project into a black hole, I made every wrong decision you can imagine on this baby. The next owner can probably fix 2 things and get a nice flip out of it.

The bronze one is wonderful. Paid 300 for it, replaced a bunch of shit with my own two hands and drove it around for 2 years. Can't complain about an $ 1100 investment that gets 30 miles per gallon. But the engine will outlive the body, which is just getting too rusty. The CV axle needs to be replaced and I have no motivation or time to do it myself, and I'm damn sure not paying 300 for someone else to do it, nor am I soliciting the help of my brother in law or my dad, something I feel I've almost abused, though they happily always offer. If I don't get the money I want, I'll just drive it into the ground. I have a lot of pride wrapped up with this one. Fixing things yourself as a novice is just so satisfying. Problem is I don't think I have that spirit to maintain it anymore.

My wife has been very supportive of my hobby and for that I'm grateful. But these are going nowhere fast and just take up space. We are almost ready to buy a house, and are focused on that. Three-"just needs a"-cars are not helping that goal and I will not spend a cent for an urgent repair or insurance and registration for 3 cars anymore.

The good news is that both sales (God willing) will go straight to my pool for my next car. I could comfortably afford a car now, but I am funding that with these and other misc sales and not dipping into my personal savings, which I feel is the responsible choice. I am very excited for my next car, which will not be a fixer-upper. Or at the very least, not over 30 years old and rusty. Unless it's an FJ55 :)


I will spend my sweet sweet time shopping for my next car. Might go German for the lulz.

This is a sad day.