The Driver's Paradox

Listen, alright, maybe “The Driver’s Paradox” is a bit of a heavy title for what I’m about to clack out on this keyboard, but maybe it should be heavy! These decisions carry great weight. What decisions, you wonder? Car buying, brah, that decision.

Let me take a step backwards. If you follow me on here or recognize the name you probably know that I drive a Crossfire - a pretty pristine one if I may say so. But I also currently live in a snowy area, and the Crossfire struggles in the snow because it A) weighs an ounce, and 2) is RWD with nothing over the wheels but a little glass (seriously. Not even a spare tire).


Anyway, a short time ago my car was destroyed by a drunk driver. Smushed. I wasn’t in it, luckily. But I’ve had to begin seriously looking for a new car. The problem with car hunting, for me, is that there just isn’t much I love out there right now (Aside from the Q50, which is outside of my comfortable price range for now). So I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Infiniti G37s and the Audi A5 3.2l. Preferably a manual in either.

I’ve never owned an Audi, but family members have and love them. I’ve been a Nissan/Infiniti fan for a while (owning 2 240s, a 300zx, an Altima and driving cars for Infiniti for work for a few years) and just feel like I’m home when I’m in them. And I’ve always loved the idea of a sport sedan with a stick. That said: the Audi did not feel uncomfortable or like a place I couldn’t live. My only complaint was the 2.0T I tested felt a bit sluggish, but I’m interested in the V6 anyway.

So Jalops, I need your help: Comments, opinions, suggestions, ideas, inventions. What should I do next for a daily driver? My only requirements are navigation and a manual transmission. And even those are flexible requirements. 4 wheels is really the main requirement. I ain’t drivin’ no Slingshot. (EDIT: Budget is probably near $20k - looking used)

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