Yes, yes it is. Just spent a large undisclosed amount of money to finish the winter restorations/improvements. I put it under months back for a timing belt, weak brakes and driveline mounts being toast.

So in the last few days I’ve ordered some goodies. I already had everything to do the timing belt, big brake upgrade for the front, and solid front and rear motor mounts. I’ve went ahead and ordered a billet transmission mount, the few gaskets I needed to remedy the minor oil leak it had, control arms for the front as mine were completely shot, and some stainless brake lines as I’m sure that was a culprit to my dangerous brakes.

So when she comes back up it’ll have solid driveline mounts, a new 500hp capable clutch, a new knock sensor and all the other old stuff swapped out. Here’s to pushing this stock 250k mile engine some more until I’m ready to fully build it.

Stay tuned!