The Dutch rider, builder and designer elaborated his own vehicles to which he constantly evolved in different versions for the competition (sport and prototypes) or ride (coupe, roadster, passenger cars). Of bulky and obsessive lines with visibility, the Gatso had different (and generous) thrusters (V8 Mercury or V8 Ford engines, also called Gatford) of 3.9 liters but did not disregard the 1.5-liter Fiat for its Gatso-Fiat 1500 barchetta . In the picture, in all its splendor, a 4000 Coupé Aerial Gatso (3.9-liter Ford V8 engine with 120 hp and 1,200 kilos) in a sports meeting held at the Zandvoort circuit (1949). It could be Klaas Barendregt, driver who qualified 2nd of the General in the race reserved for the Sport (+2000 c.c.) immediately after R. Tielens (Delahaye). Previously, the Sport test was run (1,500 c.c.) where Maurice Gatsonides was ranked 3rd with the Gatso-Fiat 1500 Barchetta (Fiat chassis with 6-cylinder Fiat engine) after Richardson (Alfa Romeo) and Molenar (MG TC)


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