Repost for daytime people

I wound up ordering a solid state rectifier from, waited 5-7 business days for the USPS to throw my package over the border, and now I am the proud new owner of a lovely little 5AR4 equivalent SSR.

Looking cozy in its new home in the 1959 ST70.

The rectifier was our best guess for what was wrong, based on it being the only tube to not light up before the fuse would blow, and it was the correct guess. It’s crazy how much more efficient the SSR is, I have to turn the Sansui up several notches to achieve the same balance as before.


Heating up for the first time in a month or so, the Sansui underneath has been doing all the amplifying since then. It’s weird for 125wpc to feel like not enough power.....the Dynaco running the top end just makes the Kappas sound like completely different speakers.


There she is, biased and hot, running perfectly. I really love this sound system.


Next project -replacing the 9090DB’s tuner bulbs, and seeing if I have a potential time bomb green wire Dolby circuit board, or a relatively stable later black wire unit....