Well, the 6 way E30 has been fucked, a idiot who owns 1/6th of the car going at regular car speeds spun out in the rain and rode onto a curb, smashing the oil pan. I chewed the guy out, now we are looking into the direction of a swap (so far no one is willing to step up to group fund it) so we’re selling it. But there is more financial gremlins that I have managed to make 2 people go against one another.

So if you fund a 600 dollar car project between 6 people, financial transparency is very important. One of the persons (lets call him Chuck) didn’t want everybody to know where the money was going. Omerta shit here. When we were buying the car, I took 650 dollars out and gave the rest (150) to Chuck for safekeeping. When we were going to the car wash to get it washed, I asked Chuck to pay. He insisted I had the money and he didn’t have any. Afterward, we went to Jack in the Box. I went in the drive thru and bought food for myself (I thought they were going to follow me or go inside) with my own money. When we were getting gas, they though I had bought food for them as well. I said no and they bitched out on me. I told them to pay for it themselves. I gave them a 20 of my own money for them to pay for food and to shut M and Chuck up. We afterward had to also get oil because it was low on oil. I asked Chuck to pay for it with the money I gave him. He insisted he did not have the money. I then had to pay with it with my card. When we got home, we saw the money in the E30. He claimed he didn’t know. It was in the passenger side, and he’d been sitting there all the time.

When we got home, he insisted to me we maintain the the others we bought the car for 750 not 600. I ended up going against this and telling the others of the expenses currently.


The next day, we were going to do an oil change. He paid for the oil with 100 dollar bill (belonged to another shareholder and where is the rest of the money). 43 somehting dollars. THen he used the change to buy wendy’s. For himself. I already was getting reeling thoughts about that and commented on that. He casually said “club funds” and continued eating the food.

Chuck has been doing sketchy shit. He’s replaced vacuum lines with gas lines, somehow attached vent tubing to a square mount on the throttle body, drained coolant out while removing the throttle body (WTF), and put an idiotic eBay intake on it.

My protests of “that will actually fuck it up stop” have been ignored. The excuse of JDM have been used.

Someone has questioned expenses. I say the truth. They have gotten angry. I let the flames burn. And I’m enjoying it.

Chuck has also claimed he’s put in the most. I doubt he’s put in any. He claims he’s broke at time.


Now 2 (and I) of the more serious people who actually I value as friends and have not tried to pull shit to deceive others are splitting off into something. We will commit to things and have the knowledge and money to pull through.