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Full Disclosure: I wanted to write a lengthy article about the underappreciated E46 compact, but I seem to have caught the flu and now, writing something in a foreigny languagy is harder than it was before. Then again, I have to stay in bed and I’m bored - so I decided to write a very, very short article on this car.


In short, when I was offered to drive an E46 316i compact with a slush box over the weekend, I wasn’t very enthused - I thought “at least it will get me from A to B”. But honestly, this car is really, really fun to drive. With its four cylinder N45 engine, making around 116hp, it’s definitely no race-car - but I was surprised that it wasn’t slouching either. The automatic was ok up until the moment I found out how the Sports and Manual mode work, then it became <insert Obama meme here> “Not bad”. Plus it’s a Golf sized RWD car, it corners pretty darn well.

Being bound to bed and having fever dreams, I started skimming through used car sites and found that (relatively) low mileage 325i Compacts, with an inline six and 192hp, can be had for around 7k€. Will I buy one? Most certainly not. But I can keep the (fever) dream alive.

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