So the wagon is mobile again!

I removed and reinstalled all my ignition wires on the plug ends, TDC’d the engine confirming #1 cylinder lines up the rotor where it’s “supposed” to go, installed the previous distributor cap (still pretty decent shape) and got a baby-sized, but better sounding chug out of the engine.


So not wanting to flood the hell out of it, I de-choked the engine, put the pedal to the floor and V R O O M! She thundered to life!

Took it for a loop around the block and the carb was still pretty janky. I fiddled it some more and got most of the hesitation out. But it does stall if you step on it too much too fast from a stop. But it’s mobile and that’s a big improvement.

I still think I’m going to get the Mopar MPFI Conversion Kit and fuel inject this thing. Pretty sure that will lead to a required engine rebuild very quickly. From reading about converted Jeep CJ’s and YJ’s a fresh engine will gain about 50-60 hp over the Carter carb and leads to s m o o t h running. That would put the Eagle into the 150 hp range with at least it’s stock 230 foot-pounds of torque.

I think Peet will approve of that:

Matching colour scheme

Need to get back into WRXC:

Peet likes fast cars

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