I am happy to have my new corvette in my possession. I picked it up at Luxury Cars of Charleston this afternoon, and after a small test drive with the owner of the dealership I tossed some papers in the car (and a free Greg Normal polo emblazoned with the LCoC logo, thanks guys!) and took off.

A few immediate things jumped out at me about the car. First and most importantly this car was owned by people that like Corvettes. It came with a binder of wonderful documentation about all it's services etc. Second, the owner before me was someone who lived loud. The fuse for the NPP exhaust is pulled, leaving it in 'loud and fun' mode at all times and there was a hand gun case in the back.

Bang Bang.

I've agreed to hang out in Charleston and meet a family for dinner, so I'm killing some time having an iced coffee at Starbucks and writing this. Prior to my startbucks stop I swung into Walgreens and picked up a few things including a car charger for my phone which I forgot, toothpaste and contact solution, both of which I didn't bring so I didn't have to check a bag and some febreeze. Doesn't matter how "good" the car smells, everyone likes different smells so I always febreeze a car down when I get it.


I'm now off to find a 10amp fuse for the NPP exhaust and to see a few parts of Charleston.