The EcoBoost V6 is perfect for the 2017 Ford GT. It doesn't need a V8.

The Ferrari-humiliating GT40 had a V8. First a 255 c.i., then a 298 c.i., then a colossal iron behemoth 427 c.i. V8 with more torque than the planet Saturn. You know why? Because those were the best engines Ford had back then. They were powerful, reliable, and made a wonderful noise.


But today, Ford's best engine is arguably the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. It's a technical tour de force. It makes 380 hp and 460 lbft in the Lincoln Navigator, for chrissake. It's an engineering marvel.

The thing has direct injection and two turbos and can run on practically anything, including fuel made from nothing but sugar cane or corn. And in the GT, it makes more than 600 hp. If Ford is going to stick to internal combustion, despite the obvious advantages of electric motors and advanced batteries, than the 3.5-liter EcoBoost is the most advanced power plant in the shed. So it makes perfect sense it'd go into the most advanced Ford GT ever made.

What's that? The Coyote V8? Oh... damn.

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