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the effects of retroactive brand loyalty

Came across some interesting cars while browsing the local Craigslist.

First off, we have a 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo:


Everyone knows the GNX, but few realize that ASC/McClaren also worked with GM on turbocharging another car in that era - the Pontiac Grand Prix. And while the engine is inferior to the Buick 3800 and the front-wheel drive chassis couldn’t handle GNX power if it wanted to, even with some work needed it seems like a steal given a $1,200 asking price.

Next, we have a 1985 Subaru RX:


By all means, a cool car. But at $5,000, this Leone “pre-cursor to the WRX” proves that there is a bubble in Subaru cars in general. Unlike the Grand Prix, the motor has already blown and been swapped in the Subaru. The Subaru does have 4WD, but let’s be clear - this isn’t Subaru’s AWD system. This is a FWD car like the Grand Prix in all but loose surface situations.

Both are rare cars, so why the $3,800 price difference? Condition is obviously a factor, but ultimately I’d speculate that it comes down to, at least local people, having some halo around the Subaru brand and some negative stigma around domestics outside of trucks/SUVs/Mustangs.

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