Mexico City banned some cars today due to excess pollution, and this is the result:
Live traffic today 5:00PM

Tipical thursday afternoon 5PM:

As can be seen, most of the reduction in traffic occurred in the areas where rapid rail/bus public transportation is readily available, the drivers of some of this congestion could’ve represented some seven and all fifteen years old cars that failed the emissions test

The ban could be extended tomorrow, it depends of the almighty CAMMe and the winds or rains down in Mexico City.


CAMMe released a statement declaring that they would deactivate the environmental ordinance at 10PM today due to weather patterns changing and allowing for better pollutant dispersion. Tough shit if you have a car with emissions tag “2", you’re not allowed out tomorrow anyway.

Hoy No Circula and the emission control measures have been constantly challenged in court as a classists measure. Lets see how it stands
A map of Mexico City by poverty:


It is a bit outdated, but bare in mind that most of the east is still quite poor.