The Egoista is Lamborghini's Return to Basics

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When Lamborghini unveiled its 50th birthday present to itself, the car world not-so-quietly wondered if the make had lost its mind in its old age. The Egoista is a carbon-fibered, V-10 engined homage to jet fighters. It is certainly insane. It is certainly fast. And it is the perfect car to help fix Lamborghini’s image.


Since Audi bought Lamborghini in 1998, there has been a lot of concern among enthusiasts that the Germans would temper Lamborghini’s swinging-ahem style. This has largely proven to be a good thing though with the Murcielago and Gallardo both selling well due to their style, performance, and, in a new twist for Lamborghini, their reliability. Yet, auto journalists still found things to complain about. The ride is too soft, it’s not enough of a show, how come it hasn’t burst into flames yet? The gripes have been constant. Audi and Lamborghini tried to address this by having the Aventador shoot flames out the back, but it too met the derisive taunts of the auto journalists saying it felt “too safe.”

To counter this growing horde of naysayers, Lamborghini went deep into its notebook of doodles from elementary school and emerged with a car covered in jagged edges, angles, and anti-radar material (No, seriously, it’s made of anti-radar material). The Egoista is Lamborghini’s response to anyone who ever said that a Lambo was too safe. Walter de Silva, the designer behind the Egoista, says the car represents a hedonistic driving experience taken to the extreme. This means there is only one seat planted directly in the middle of the car (hence the name Egoista) which is accessed by a cockpit style hatch. After re-attaching the removable steering wheel, you’re all set to go with a 5.2L V-10 engine producing 600 HP.


Because of its insanity, the Egoista is the perfect model to strike back at the image that Lamborghinis are becoming too safe, but it has still created some complaints. It has been derided for it’s ridiculous name (which literally translates to “selfish”), it’s lack of any noticeable utility, and it’s childish color scheme, but that is exactly the point of this model. If they introduced the Egoista as the replacement for the Gallardo, it would be absolutely insane and Lamborghinis executives would be locked away in a padded room where they couldn’t hurt themselves; however, it is supposed to be a special edition, limited-run car that shows enthusiasts what’s possible when a car is tailored specifically towards the driver and his experience.

In a world full of safe, sane cars that try to pull in the largest market, the Lamborghini Egoista reminds us that insanity can be a good thing.

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