Illustration for article titled The end of an era: parting ways with my project car

This photo was taken in March of this year. The car was supposed to be finished and on the road in May... of 2016. I finally told my friend/mechanic that I’d had enough. After four years of waiting (2 more than planned for) I can’t deal with waiting another year plus for the 911 to be finished. It pains me to do it, but I’m selling it to him for what I paid him for it and getting out of it. The plan is now to sell the S4 and use the money I got back from the 911 to buy something that I can drive year round and will put a smile on my face every day. Though I’m sad to part ways with the car that kept me up many nights these past years, I now have the funds to get into a caliber of vehicle far above the others I have previously owned.


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