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The engine and trans are in the ls1 e36!

With the help of three of my friends, I finally got the engine and trans in! It took some finagling to get everything to fit, and getting the headers in is going to require a removal of the steering shaft, but it’s finally in!!

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Tomorrow I’m going to go back and put the headers on, the intake back on, and put the wiring harness back in place. From there I need to sort out power steering and radiator hoses. Then, it’s onto the driveshaft and rear diff - my 3.91 rear diff should be in on Saturday. There’s a -slim- chance I’ll be able to fire it up on Sunday.

I’ve been putting in about 8 hours a day on this for the past week and a half, and even more than that during the time off I had during thanksgiving. My parents are graciously letting me use their garage to do this swap, so there’s a lot of motivation to get it done and out of their hair!

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