When a vehicle has three or more performance levels, enthusiasts will deify the top spec but praise the second to top level as the perfect driver’s car. The base spec...you don’t want the base spec.

Ford releases the Mustang with a V6, I4, and V8. The Ecoboost gets lifted up by the community while the V6 is trampled. Camaro releases the range as I4, V6, and V8. The V6 is now the car that gets praise and I can almost guarantee that the reviews of the 1LE Camaros will say the V6 version is the perfect enthusiast car while the V8 1LE is a bit too “hard-edged” for street duty. The turbo 4-cyl Camaro...nah, you don’t want that, have you heard the V6?

But you know what happens when you actually buy the “driver’s car?” All the enthusiasts ask why you didn’t get the higher spec, I mean if you have $30k why not spend $34k? What’s another $4,000?! Like $100 more a month...psh! What, you’re paying $700 a month for a car?! I’d never pay over $600... You got a Cayman? I’d have gone for a Cayman S at least...wait there’s a GTS and a GT4 above it? The GTS is perfect, the gearing in the GT4 is so long it might as well not have a clutch. Oh you got a GTS? Did you look into a GT4 before getting it?

You know the M3 is overkill, have you checked out the 340i? Love the M2 but really the M240i is all the car you need. Oh you’re looking at a Dodge Charger SRT 392? You know the R/T Scat Pack is plenty of car for public streets. Oh wait, there’s a Hellcat now?! That’s way too much power to ever be usuable, get an SRT 392, it’s the perfect amount of power for the street!


Chiron can go 261 mph? When are you ever going to go fast?! What’s that, you can pay to have it go 285 mph? Why would you pay for that when 261 mph is far more usuable? Wait a second, someone actually bought a Chiron and did NOT option it to go 285 mph? That’s the point of the car! I mean if you’re going to spend $2.7 Million then you have another $300k, right?! What’s that, like an extra $7,000 a month? Psh, why cheap out?!

I swear anytime a vehicle gets a new performance variant added to the top end the rule is that we glorify the top spec but make sure the penultimate trim is known to be the real enthusiast choice. You know, for more refined drivers that appreciate a more nuanced and articulated level of engagement. But once someone actually buys that second-to-top level version, we then say that we would have gone for the next one up!


Just buy whatever the Hey Arnold you want. Buy it exactly the way you want it, with no more and no less than how you want it! You want a V6 Stang, get a V6 Stang. You want a Porsche model BELOW the “S,” then get it because it’s a great car! You want your Chiron to go 261 mph instead of 285 mph...well you’re a dumbwad. You just killed your resale value by about $1.125 Million since these are going to appreciate into $4.3 Million cars. Stop trying to save money on a $3 Million assest, ya cheap bastard!