Warning: potentially an unpopular opinion. But it’s mine, so if you read, you’re just going to have to deal with that :)

A friend on Facebook shared this quiz: How Privileged Are You?

A bunch of her friends starting responding. The overall comment thread became something of a competition to see who could be the “least privileged”. This is an interesting phenomenon. Basically, it’s a string of people competing to be the most victimized.

There has been a very interesting societal change happening and it’s one that I think is particularly dangerous to America’s competitiveness in the global marketplace. It has become “uncool” to be successful. Let that sink in for a moment - if you’re the best, at anything, then you are the worst.


“Success” has been reclassified as “privilege”.

This is offensive in so many ways. I’ve had to work hard and scrape for every last drop of success in my life. Yes, I have more than some people, but it’s really not that difficult to see why. It’s not because I was born into a certain class (my father has worked in the same factory since he was teenager and I’ve lived in a couple not-so-great neighborhoods). It’s because I work hard and do my best to utilize my intelligence. When something goes wrong, I move on. I don’t wallow, and blame society when someone steals my stuff. I don’t have student loans because I spent 12 years (including while I was in college) working my ass off to pay them off. Shit isn’t fair and the sooner you accept that, the way our parents and their parents did, the sooner you will succeed.


Earning points for suicide and homelessness!

This thing really grinds my gears. They award points for having been homeless and considering suicide.


Now tell me: when in business or government will winning a competition to the bottom of degeneracy ever get us anywhere? Does China look at America and say “Oh wow, you have gender issues? We’ll take 20% off the electronics because we pity you.”. No. They don’t. Does Russia tell their agents “Go easy on America, they might have an eating disorder.” No. They don’t.

Weaknesses are not strengths. They are weaknesses. Other people will exploit you for them. Getting exploited for the same thing over and over doesn’t make you special, it makes you an idiot. “Fool me once...” and all of that.

In an interview with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, Hilary Clinton recently blamed the Russian government, sexism, the media, the democrats financial situation, the FBI, and the Republicans for having an unfair advantage because they work together.


Dear America - if you keep going down the road of playing the victim and following the victim, you yourself will truly become the victim.