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The etron needs an oil change...

Why did Audi program their electric car with the same scheduled service reminders as their conventional ICE cars?!? We’re approaching the 1-year/10K mile service interval...but it’s an doesn’t require service.

There’s no oil to change. The regen braking means the brake pads are still basically new. The tires are fine. The owners manual even admits the “service” amounts to nothing more than “checking” a bunch of stuff and resetting the computer to clear the service reminder:

  • Brake system: Check the thickness of the brake pads
  • Connected box battery: Check state of health with Vehicle Diagnostic Tester in Guided Functions
  • First aid kit: Check and enter expiration date YYYY / MM _________ (if applicable)
  • Front and rear axle/suspension components: Check dust seals on ball joints and tie rod ends; check for excessive play
  • Instrument cluster: Check warning and indicator lights
  • Service reminder indicator display: Reset display
  • Space saver spare wheel and tire: Check condition and tire inflation pressure, adjust if necessary (if equipped)
  • Tires: Check condition and tire tread wear; Check and record the tread depth
  • Tires: Check tire inflation pressure and adjust if necessary
  • Tire repair kit: Check and record the completeness and expiration date (if equipped)
  • Wiper blades: Check condition and replace if necessary

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